An Innovative social learning Platform for teachers

Teachers plus is a platform that will empower today’s teachers through integrating technology into their classrooms. The platform’s content delivery strategy is based on the idea of social networking

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Teachers plus is a platform that will empower today’s teachers through integrating technology into their classrooms.

The platform’s content delivery strategy is based on the idea of social networking, which combines collaboration, sharing and gamification. Teachers will be able to register through their Educational Institution and interact with their colleagues through our platform.


Why Technology In Education

Technology has been proven to have a positive effect on student learning and understanding. This is mainly because technology goes beyond teaching; Multimedia tools motivates and encourages students to have more control over their own learning techniques because they get to interpret data and communicate it’s findings in their own way. Multimedia tools are very diverse, cost much less and are more accessible therefore making technology more convenient to students and teachers.

When you create a technology driven classroom environment, students play a more active role and acquire skills like collaborative learning, critical thinking and problem solving. Therefore leading students to dominate the classroom rather than having a traditional teacher dominated classroom which will motivate them to play more active roles in the future as young adults.

Most importantly, Technology changes the way teachers teach. The classroom becomes a more collaborative environment also enhances teachers’ skills that are fundamental in order to reach different learning styles.

Technology and Education go hand in hand especially when teaching at-risk and special needs students because of many aspects: Technology is never judgmental and is always motivational, gives frequent and immediate feedback and most importantly creates a multi-sensory learning environment.


Content Features

Engaging & Interactive eLearning Content

Adam, Sara, Josef, & Mary, Will Take You On An Exciting, Engaging & Interactive Learning Journey.


A 7th grade Social Studies teacher, is an educational games addict. He teaches in a very innovative way & always brings all the fun to his classroom.


A 9th grade French teacher, sets her objectives so that her students must speak in French in a professional way at all times. She always makes her students interact in the classroom by providing them with the latest technology as an additive tool to enhance their skills.


A high school Math teacher, believes that technology helps his students to understand the information received more & apply their knowledge in real life. He makes his students enjoy learning by encouraging them to think creatively & outside of the box.


A high school Biology teacher, always incorporates technology in her classroom. She is a strong researcher, therefore constantly updating herself with the latest technology in learning.

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Personalized Adaptive Learning

Teachers Plus content will adapt to your knowledge and will only present you with content in the areas that you need. We understand that not all teachers are the same; therefore a more flexible and personalized learning module was developed for each teacher instead of a one-size-fits-all. The idea is that the system dynamically alters the path based on the outcome of previous activities.

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The ICT CFT is a framework that outlines the competencies that teachers need to integrate Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into their professional practice.

UNESCO’s Framework emphasizes that it is not enough for teachers to have ICT competencies and be able to teach them to their students. Teachers need to be able to help the students become collaborative, problem-solving, and creative learners through using ICT so they will be effective citizens and members of the workforce; the Framework therefore addresses all aspects of a teacher’s work.

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Arranged In Three Different Approaches To Teaching

The Framework is arranged in three different approaches to teaching (three successive stages of a teacher’s development). The first is Technology Literacy, enabling students to use ICT in order to learn more efficiently. The second is Knowledge Deepening, enabling students to acquire in-depth knowledge of their school subjects and apply it to complex and real-world problems. The third is Knowledge Creation, enabling students, citizens and the workforce they become to create the new knowledge required for more harmonious, fulfilling and prosperous societies.

For School Leaders

21st Century Students

There is no doubt that students who have grown up in a digital world are already active users of technology outside of school. Teachers plus will gradually transform your teachers to meet the challenge of leveraging the opportunities technology creates to prepare learners for a globally connected and information-saturated world.

Technologically Equipped Classrooms

Integrating technology in the classroom takes more than just having computers; technology has become part of the educational process, but too often it is separate and not integrated into the learning experience. Teachers plus focuses on encouraging teachers to use technology as a tool to promote and extend student learning on a daily basis.

Systematic & Systemic Change Efforts

Changing a school culture to effectively integrate technology has to be carried out in a systematic and systemic way. This is due to teachers’ resistance to learning new technology and adapting to the digital age. Teachers plus will improve teachers ICT incorporation gradually, using a simple step-by-step approach over a year.

E – Couching

Teachers plus will act as a coach for teachers throw-out the entire year, effective technology integration techniques will be presented to the teachers in chunks to allow the teachers to apply them in the real classroom environment and share their experiences with peers to get feedback, in this process the school will build a valuable knowledge base which allows for additional informal learning and continues improvement.

Tracking Progress & Improvements Without Assessment

School leaders can run various reports on ”teachers’ progress” and “lesson activities improvements” without the need for any assessment. They will also have access to view the dashboard to assess the performance of the overall institute.

Platform Features

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    Social Learning

    A creative yet fun way to learn about integrating technology with peers, teachers plus offers a social learning environment for teachers to share, discuss, collaborate and learn about the tools available for them to promote and extend student learning on a daily basis.

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    Experience Points (XP’s) & Badges

    Teachers will earn experience Points & Badges for their actions on teachers plus. XP’s and badges are not only awarded to teachers based on their progress, but also on the quality of their contributions. Gamification and social learning are combined in teachers plus to give teachers an exceptional educational experience.

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    Notifications & to-do’s

    The notification center will lay out for the users what they need to do next; whether it is pending tasks, alerts from their peers, or a contribution required.

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    Web & Mobile

    You can always access Teachers plus from your favourite tablet or your office PC. You will always find us ready at any place and time!

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    No Hardware, No Software & No Maintenance

    Teachers plus is a Cloud based solution, that come free of the hassles of procuring servers & storage, hardware maintenance or software upgrades.

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